NRA Trade Fair

During the weekend of the Trafalgar Meeting (20-21 October) the NRA is holding its Trade Fair. The event will see over 30 exhibitors in a purpose built 30m x 15m marquee on Sit Pet Lawn at NRA’s Bisley, displaying classic

Fausti XF4

Fausti have XF4, a new and prestigious proposal for the world of competition. The round-body O/U XF4 is a true ‘outsider’ ideal for competing in a range of disciplines – from sporting to skeet. The three different versions – gold,

FACS Hits 30 Year High

The number of firearms certificates in the UK is at its highest since 1988, new Home Office figures reveal. There were 157,581 FACs on issue on 31 March this year, an increase of 2 per cent on the previous year.


Riding High In The Saddle

The opening day of the Game Fair was hardly ideal weather for a trade event. Indeed the record-breaking heat was only really a blessing for sunbathers. However, the news coming from another tanner was also extremely positive. Albion Saddlermakers first

Felice Anniversario

IN 1948 ITALY WAS A NATION THAT NEEDED TO REDISCOVER its identity. Amid this backdrop Stefano Fausti founded the “Fausti” factory and brand in Brescia, a city that had become famous for the production of firearms the world over. Armed

Laporting For Duty

Clay Pigeon Trap Makers Laporte are continuing their Clay Shooting roadshow, this time making a winning appearance at the Royal Signals Championships at Blandford Army Camp in Dorset. The Royal Signal motto, Certa Cito, translates as ‘Swift and Sure’, undoubtedly


Beat The Top Brass

Trump’s international trade manoeuvres are paying dividends, but as Roger Williams explores, trading commodities can be used to your advantage. I was was a blue button, a runner of messages, on the London Stock Market. The traders there used to

Going Underground?

Is relentless online bullying forcing your company to reduce its presence on social media and lose business as a result? New data reveals that the online bullying of shooters and field sports followers is far greater in both scale and

Deal Or No Deal

In August the government released 84 documents offering guidance on how to prepare for Brexit in the increasingly likely circumstances of a ‘no deal’ exit. the papers impact all manner of business and cover aspects from farming to VAT receipts.

Market Opportunities

ATN X-Sight 4K Pro

The ATN X-Sight is a state-of-the-art digital day and night scope, and the new 4K Pro model boasts even more features than its predecessors.  Running an Obsidian IV Dual Core it produces a high-resolution colour image by day and a

Apex Airglo

Hunters know that a stalk can quickly go wrong if the wind changes part way through an approach. A deers primary defence is scent, accounting for detection around 65 per cent of the time – which is why Napier has

Winchester SX4 Waterfowl

Two years ago, the Winchester shooter Raniero Testa and his SX4 beat a world speed record. Holding in your hands the fastest semi-auto shotgun on the market gives you a decisive advantage during your small game hunts. Compared to the

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