Elite Optical Distribution take on Nite Site

Elite Optical Distribution has been appointed as an official distributor for NiteSite. NiteSite manufacture a range of night vision products for hunting and zero light observation. Their range, which includes the Viper, Wolf and Eagle kits, has brought night vision

Fox Control Laws Ineffective

The first ever scientific study into the use of dogs to hunt foxes in the UK, published in the Wildlife Society Bulletin, concludes that the law in England and Wales makes controlling foxes less effective and imposes a longer duration

RWS Knife

RUAG have launched the new RWS Pocket Mate, a locking, folding knife made especially for RUAG Ammotec UK by renowned knife-makers, Boker. The RWS Pocket Mate makes a perfect addition to any shop’s point-of-sale and is an ideal gift item


Breaking The Mould

Plenty can change in 190 years. All bar six of the 44 US Presidents have taken office in the years succeeding 1828. Britain meanwhile, has seen eight monarchs and 53 Prime Ministers in that time. It was back in 1828

An Elite Opportunity

At the turn of the year GTN caught up with Shaun Ellis of Optics Warehouse. He outlined that the business was branching out; developing Elite Optical Distribution to meet the needs of the trade. With new optics brands launching at

Diamond Jubilee

In 1958 Midland Diving Equipment Ltd was founded in Leicester. Over the past 60 years the business has grown to become a leading manufacturer of technologically advanced high pressure cylinder valves and manifolds, including an increasingly prominent place in the


Amazon Prime?

‘Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world in area, encompassing some 3.2 million square miles. It ranks fifth in the world by size of population, having 210 million people within its borders. Brazil by area is almost half

What Have They Ever Done For Us?

‘Happy New Year to all! There are lots of good things to look forward to this year and, let’s face it, a fair share of things to dread as well. You might think the government has enough on its plate

As Pretty As A Picture

As progressive as the world of online shopping is, many shoppers still prefer to buy certain things in store – where they can see, touch and demo the product before indulging in a large outlay. So, although it is clichéd,

Market Opportunities

Wicked Lights

The revolutionary ultra-high performance gun light kit, Wicked Lights, shows that visible light isn’t being left behind in today’s market. The new Wicked Lights A67ic Predator Pursuit is a high-power mountable light specifically designed for controlling vermin, featuring a centre

Gamebore Pigeon Extreme

The premium version of Gamebore’s pigeon cartridges has a longer brass, and is filled with a full 34 grams of the manufacturer’s diamond shot in size 5 to give a killing shot at the longest possible range. Diamond shot is

Hull Superfast Pigeon

These 70mm cartridges cycle easily in a semi-auto and carry 29 grams of size six shot. They have a muzzle velocity measured at 1425fps and the tagline they’re sold under is “Superfast… need we say more!” The cartridges are available

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