Form Rifle Stocks – Carro

The new Form Rifle Stocks Carro is a true all-rounder. This versatile hybrid stock features an ergonomic grip with the option to use a wrap around or thumb up hold. At only 1.3kg this stock is light enough for use

Kahles K318i

The same high-quality optical scope, condensed into ultra-short housing. The K318i uses a complex lens system, special glass types and innovative etching technology to provide precise illuminated reticles. The 313mm optical system, with a wide field of view and high

Air Force One Chronograph

The latest addition to the Shooting Party line-up, this chrono has been described as ‘ballistically brilliant’. The new lightweight design (only 230 grams) makes the system fully portable; and powered by an internal re-chargeable battery, ideal for use in the


Saved By The Bell

Following a turbulent spell for BASC, stability looks to have been restored. Gun Trade News met the new CEO, Ian Bell, who now leads the association forward… Nestled in the shadows of a scaffolded Big Ben, the cinnamon club restaurant

Diamond Standard

As the Game Fair prepares to celebrate six successful decades, MD James Gower speak to Gun Trade News to share a preview on the future of the event… BRITAIN HAS COME A LONG WAY IN THE PAST 60 YEARS.The nation

Joining The Elite

Shaun Ellis is the man pushing forward Elite Optical Distribution, the distribution company that’s sprung out of Optics Warehouse – and he has big plans… If you had to name one sector of the shooting industry that’s more competitive than


Star Spangled Bangers

Sporting a gun trade like no other, the US-of-A are currently enjoying  a fiscal boom. Roger Williams explains the state of trade across the Atlantic There are more licensed firearms dealers than coffee shops, grocery stores or pharmacies in the

GPs Say: Cough Up

A Home Office ‘betrayal’ over who pays for a certificate applicant’s medical report means shooters will have to pay more to keep their guns… THE PRICE OF SHOOTING IS SET TO INCREASE ONCE AGAIN after the Home Office u-turned on

Commonwealth of Opportunities

WITH THE COMMONWEAlTH GAMES KICKING OFF as Gun Trade News goes to print, what chance does shooting have of a glorious ‘summer of sport’, as we had in 2012? Wait… not summer. Spring of sport? Well, it’s really autumn in

Market Opportunities

RC Excellence

Also new to the RC range is the RC4 Champion Excellence – RC’s Olympic medal winning cartridges. These are available in 24 and 28 gram loads and in shot sizes 7.5, 8 and 9.5. The cartridges are presented in a

Victory VI Sonic

The Victory V1 Sonic plastic wad cartridges are made for use by Sporting competition shooters. Victory say that they combine dense pattern and high speed for long-range targets. They have 16mm of brass, single base powder, and are available in

Eley Hawk Superb

The Superb was launched with a fibre wad variant and has picked up adherents in the English Sporting market, with John Lee shooting them to great effect on the English Sporting circuit in 2017. The recoil is smooth and provides

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