Das Gewuhr ger Leute

Blaser Sporting Limited are continuing to enjoy success with the entry-level Mauser M18 rifle. Launched by Mauser at their native IWA Show in March, the M18 has quickly established itself as being ‘das Gewuhr ger Leute’ – The People’s Rifle.

Eley Hawk Shooter’s Diary 2019

The Eley Shooter’s Diary has been a firm favourite with shooters at Christmas for many years – it was first published in 1905 as the Shooter’s Year Book. The new 2019 limited edition is slightly smaller than last year’s making

Qiang Yuan Sports Goods

The Shooting Party have received their first volume shipment of the Qiang Yuan range of Olympic medal-winning pellets after becoming UK distributors in May. The flat-head pellets weight 7.8 grams and show virtually zero weight variation pellet to pellet. The


An Elite Opportunity

At the turn of the year GTN caught up with Shaun Ellis of Optics Warehouse. He outlined that the business was branching out; developing Elite Optical Distribution to meet the needs of the trade. With new optics brands launching at

Diamond Jubilee

In 1958 Midland Diving Equipment Ltd was founded in Leicester. Over the past 60 years the business has grown to become a leading manufacturer of technologically advanced high pressure cylinder valves and manifolds, including an increasingly prominent place in the

Where Aigle Dares

Arnaud Banizette has had a busy year. He’s arrived in the UK from France, relaunched the Aigle brand to the UK gun trade, continued to grow the brand with swathes of advertising and successful trade show appearances, and racked up


Come What Maple

Canada, like the US but smaller. That’s what many of my friends think and, for sure, the country sits in the shadow of its southern neighbour. Even Canadian sources compare Canada’s performance with the US. It does not help that

Passing The Buck

‘A government minister who wrote to environment bosses calling on them to ban shooting on its land has said her request did not bind them to doing it. Hannah Blythyn has since been accused of ‘shifting the blame’ for the

Point and Click

Social Media has altered the way we do everything. Even the gun trade, the steeped-in-history, grizzled, old, gun trade has bent a knee to the new king. Frequenters of Facebook will know that there are interest groups of all kinds

Market Opportunities

Decoy Snow Camo Nets

Great for concealment on bleak winter days, the Decoy Snow camo net helps shooters blend into snow covered and barren landscapes with ease. Based on a white field with brown and black accents the dual layered textured camo nets spans

Fenix TK25 Tactical Flashlight

This compact lamp features a clever rotary head mechanism which turns to switch between different lighting options without having to take it apart. The white R& B version shifts between white, red and blue light, and the IR model offers

Pulsar Trail XQ50

Billed as the pinnacle of thermal imaging technology currently available in the UK consumer, the Trail is a rifle-mounted thermal scope (see its sibling, the Helion, for a spotter version) boasts a higher-definition image than its predecessors, powered by a

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