Skoped Vision

‘Skoped Vision’, is a simple, safe way of using an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy Smartphone on a riflescope. As long as your riflescope does not have illumination controls on the reticle, the Skoped Vision attachment is strong, lightweight, and designed

FITASC Success For Young Scot

Italian gunmaker Zoli were in attendance at the 51st European FITASC Sporting Championships, inviting competitors to test out one of their Z-Guns for a chance to win a Sporting competition model. 568 shooters entered the raffle in Piancardato, Italy, paying

British Gun and Allied Trades Dinner

The annual Gun Trade Dinner returns this November with proceeds going the Gun and Allied Trade Benevolence Society (GATBS) which assists with pensions and support for older members of the shooting industry. A trade spokesperson said: “The event continues to


Riding High In The Saddle

The opening day of the Game Fair was hardly ideal weather for a trade event. Indeed the record-breaking heat was only really a blessing for sunbathers. However, the news coming from another tanner was also extremely positive. Albion Saddlermakers first

Felice Anniversario

IN 1948 ITALY WAS A NATION THAT NEEDED TO REDISCOVER its identity. Amid this backdrop Stefano Fausti founded the “Fausti” factory and brand in Brescia, a city that had become famous for the production of firearms the world over. Armed

Laporting For Duty

Clay Pigeon Trap Makers Laporte are continuing their Clay Shooting roadshow, this time making a winning appearance at the Royal Signals Championships at Blandford Army Camp in Dorset. The Royal Signal motto, Certa Cito, translates as ‘Swift and Sure’, undoubtedly


Gleneagles Has Landed

Gavin Gardiner – Sotheby’s Gleneagles Hotel, Scotland, 27 August 2018 Sotheby’s has been holding auctions at the prestigious Gleneagles Hotel in Auchterarder, Scotland, since 1967. Gavin Gardiner himself has been associated with the auctions of Fine Modern and Vintage Sporting

Get With The Times

Auctions, in my opinion, offer different things to different people. I have been writing about the London gun auction scene in magazines, both at home and in the USA, since 2003. There have been some significant changes over those fifteen

Beat The Top Brass

Trump’s international trade manoeuvres are paying dividends, but as Roger Williams explores, trading commodities can be used to your advantage. I was was a blue button, a runner of messages, on the London Stock Market. The traders there used to

Market Opportunities

Hornady Precision Hunter

The Hornady Precision Hunter factory loaded ammunition boasts excellent accuracy, and excellent terminal performance. Loaded with ELD-X bullets, great care has been taken by the engineers at Hornady to ensure that this ammunition reaches its maximum ballistic potential. Precision Hunter

ATN X-Sight 4K Pro

The ATN X-Sight is a state-of-the-art digital day and night scope, and the new 4K Pro model boasts even more features than its predecessors.  Running an Obsidian IV Dual Core it produces a high-resolution colour image by day and a

Armsan Paragon Grande

Answering the call of the wildfowler, Armsan have produced a 3.5-inch magnum semi auto. Available finishes include black and camo. It has rubber panels on the cheekpiece, pistol grip and forend. The 28- inch barrel is Primo multi choke compatible,

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