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Gun Trade News interviews charismatic Air Arms MD Claire West

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On Air: Brand Management

Airgun Shooter editor, Nigel Allen, looks at how branding is becoming an important part of the airgun industry. The word ‘brand’ is one of those corporate buzzwords that has changed in its application down the years. Derived from the iron-branding

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BASC gives guidance on Scottish airgun law

With airgun licensing set to come into force in Scotland this year, the British Association of Shooting and Conservation (BASC) has updated its guidance on the subject, helping shooters and businesses keep up-to-date with the new legislation. Airgun owners will

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Webwatch: Marksman Pellets

Lincoln Jeffries, manufacturer of the famous Marksman airgun pellets since 1932, has launched a new website. A well-known landmark to many shooters in Birmingham, the company, which produces domed and pointed pellets in .177, .22 and .25 calibres for all types of airguns, will now be

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Trade Secrets: Midland Diving

More than just a collection of hoses and bottles, the PCP charging market is really taking off. Midland Diving’s Mark Humphreys explains the benefits of high-end charging kit Once upon a time, a hose was a hose, and PCP airgunners

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On Air: Scottish Airgun Licence

Airgun Shooter editor, Nigel Allen, speaks to some airgun retailers north of the border to find out how the Scottish Airgun Licence is affecting their businesses. At the time of writing, the implementation date of the Scottish Airgun Licence (SAL)

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Crosman Phantom Mk II

Following the success of the Phantom air rifle, Crosman have now launched the Mk II version. Built on the same solid action, the Mk II features a new robust synthetic stock with rubber butt plate, a fully shrouded barrel for

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Nova Vista range

The Shooting Party, exclusive UK distributors of Nova Vista, has announced it will be showcasing the range at the Midland Game Fair, 19-20 September at Weston Park. The Nova Vista range comprises military-styled gas ram and multi-stroke pneumatic (MSP) or

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‘Service-based’ shops reap rewards

As the battle for high-street sales intensifies, retailers are increasingly turning to an ‘in-store experience’ to keep customers shopping, relying on services rather than just product and pricing, new evidence suggests. “In a world where it is increasingly important for

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Trade Secrets: Hydrotech

Hydrotech’s Matt King and Toni Day explain the benefits of purpose-made airgun charging kit and explain their quest to educate airgunners about how to fill their PCP. It’s often the most important working parts of a product that you notice

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