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HERE IS THE CLOCK, THE TRUMP(TON) CLOCK. Telling the time, steadily, sensibly; never too quickly, never too slowly. Telling the time for Trump(ton)…! Here are the cabinet members (and part-time firemen). They rush around putting out fires mainly started by

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Leading The Way

One of the hot topics in field sports circles is the use of the lead shot in UK Wetlands. Jack Knott waded in on the issue to give the Countryside Alliance’s take on the rulings, regulations and knock-on effects for

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Traders Face Odds Of ‘No-Deal’ Brexit

In August the government released 84 documents explaining preparations for a no-deal Brexit scenario. The governments explanatory papers offer advice on a range of issues, including rural businesses and the importing and exporting of firearms, however a customs broker has

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Deal Or No Deal

In August the government released 84 documents offering guidance on how to prepare for Brexit in the increasingly likely circumstances of a ‘no deal’ exit. the papers impact all manner of business and cover aspects from farming to VAT receipts.

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A Game of Risk

With a trade war on the horizon, Roger Williams explores Trump;s tactics to confuse the enemy. Since Donald Trump came into office, on what was labelled a wave of popularism, he has, in the view of the press, fulfilled key

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Against The Clock?

The Brexit clock is ticking and economic scaremongering is gathering pace, but is it time to hedge your bets rather than hit the panic button? Roger Williams gives his view  MANY EXPERTS AGREE THAT BREXIT’S IMMEDIATE EFFECT WILL WEAKEN THE

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UK economy starts 2018 on front foot

  January started with the pound and the FTSE 100 strengthening on the back of higher-than-expected growth in GDP. The pound surged past its previous post Brexit-vote high to peak at over £1.42 to the dollar. Although this was partially

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Change Is Afoot

  Let’s be honest: 2017, like many of its recent predecessors, wasn’t an overwhelmingly great year. If I could sum it up in just one word I think it would be ‘uncertainty’. I had made a vague promise to myself

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Pulling The Trigger

As the snap general election looms, Stuart Farr looks at the issue that started it all – Brexit – and what it’s likely to mean for the UK gun trade

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