Edgar Brothers Claim Top EU Prize

Edgar Brothers has been awarded the coveted EU Distributor of the Year 2018 from Savage Arms. As one of the UK’s largest firearms distributors the Cheshire-based company was appointed sole UK distributor of the American rifle brand in 2011. Savage

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Browning – IWA News

Adrien Koutny of Browning showed us not one but two new Browning Maral straight-pulls. They are both composite models – previously the Maral was only available with a wood stock. On the left is the Nordic model, with fluted barrel

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At a loss on the continent

A short investigation into the progress of the EU firearms directive, and the recent ECR conference about the issues it raises

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EU firearms proposals revised

The gun trade continues to scrutinise the possibility of European intervention after shooting organisations and a British MEP worked together on a new version of Europe’s firearms law proposals. But the proposals will continue to be revised before being made

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MEPs express concerns over “poorly drafted” EU amendments

The European Parliament has had its first meeting to discuss the proposed amendments to the EU Firearms Directive. Shooting representatives have hailed the meeting as a promising first step, with the majority of MEPs expressing concerns over the amendments’ impact on

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BASC helps scrutinise EU reforms

The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) will submit amendments to the European Commission firearms proposals at the request of Vicky Ford MEP, rapporteur for the European parliament committee. Proposals to revise the EU firearms directives, although planned for

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EU gun proposals cause outrage

The European Commission announced on 18 November a series of proposed amendments to the EU firearms directive, imposing tighter restrictions on the acquisition and possession of firearms in the European Union. Proposals include a ban on certain semi-automatic firearms, restricting

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EU to revise firearms directive

The European Commission is recommending revisions to the Firearms Directives that govern the acquisition and possession of firearms within the EU. Britain’s leading shooting organisations have warned that changes could be detrimental to legitimate shooting sports. At a press conference of

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EU Directive: Gun shops (finally) spared the burden

Gun shops will not – contrary to what was previously indicated – have to keep their own electronic gun register.

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