New Products Release: The Pulsar Axion LRF XQ38 & Axion XQ38

Thomas Jacks have received their samples of the long-awaited Pulsar Axion LRF XQ38 & Axion XQ38 Thermal Imaging Monoculars, indicating that they will soon be shipping to dealers. Both monoculars feature 384×288 17µm <40mK NETD thermal sensors and frost-resistant 1024×768

SPONSORED: Champion Pivot Bipods

Champion Pivot Bipods are equipped with a rapidly adjustable lever that enables you to change angles and positions smoothly making target acquisition quicker and easier on any type of uneven terrain. Easily attaches to the sling swivel stud of most

Latest American gun auction news

With major UK auctions still just around the corner, Jonathan Downs shifts his attention to our friends in the good ol’ US of A, and previews another major World Auction from Rock Island, with some fascinating guns for sale. Rock


Behind the scenes at BSA – the GTN interview

We got the opportunity this month to sit down and virtual chat to managing director Simon Moore and head of sales and marketing Jon Hatton about the recent and less recent history of this fine old British brand. BSA has

BioAmmo founder Enrique López-Pozas Lanuza interview

With biodegradable BioAmmo finally hitting the shelves in the UK, GTN caught up with founder Enrique López-Pozas Lanuza and asked about the journey to this point. “I would not have made it through without my beautiful wife”, BioAmmo founder Enrique

GMK MD Karl Waktare – the GTN interview

The managing director of GMK, Karl Waktare, tells us how the distributors are getting on in the face of coronavirus, and why he has decided to seek nomination to the BASC council. Tell us a little bit about GMK? GMK


Mat Manning’s thoughts on the rise of airgun slugs

Mat Manning shares his thoughts on the rapidly increasing popularity of airgun slugs, what they offer for shooters and what that could mean to the trade. Anyone with a connection to the airgunning grapevine will know that airgun slug ammunition

How will field sports do during the recession?

Roger Williams suggests that UK field sports have the strength to weather the recently announced recession, and are well placed compared to international rivals. The UK has suffered a 20.4 per cent decline in output during the second quarter of

What are the implications of face masks to the gun trade?

Stuart Farr reveals the rules and regulations behind the latest anti-Covid measure: face masks, and discusses their implications for the trade. I understand how many of you must be feeling at the present time. Yes, I agree, it does seem

Market Opportunities

Ammunition: Our best picks

Centerfires, rimfires, pellets: you name it and we have it, in this metallic ammunition round-up Power Pellets Power Pellets have achieved outstanding results in competition and field and are pre-treated with Napier’s acclaimed Power Pellet Lube. The benefits of using

Best kit for night shooting

As the nights draw in, more and more shooters will be tempted with their first foray into night vision or thermal imaging, or they may just stick with a torch. But with the night market expanding so fast, where do

Best clothing for the cold shooting season

As the seasons inexorably turn, and with the long-range weather forecasters predicting a cold snap in December this year, it’s time to think about staying warm in the outdoors. Combrook Men’s Field Coat This classic Men’s field coat is woolly

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