Eley Hawk launch Alpha Elite practical shotgun cartridges

Eley Hawk has launched its latest innovative cartridge line, this time for practical shooting discipline, the Alpha Elite. A brand new birdshot cartridge for the practical shooting discipline, Eley Hawk say this has been “crafted to ensure the best results for

Gun of the week – ATA Turqua

ATA Arms are proud to introduce their first bolt-action rifle, this week’s Gun of the Week: the Turqua. 100 per cent Turkish-made, the Turqua is the latest innovation from one of the industry’s fastest growing brands. A rifle built to

Taking a closer look at GBSA nominated Browning

The second annual Great British Shooting Awards are just a few months away and we’re taking a look at one of the shortlisted products, the Browning B725 Pro Sport Adjustable Shortlisted in the Shotgun of the Year category, Browning’s B725


The GTN Interview: Swazi’s Davey Hughes

As Swazi celebrates its 25th anniversary, owner and founder Davey Hughes reflects on a remarkable journey. If you ask Davey Hughes to name his company’s official birthday, he recalls it as if it were his first-born child – 10 October 1994.

GTN visits Blaser

Colin Fallon joins Frederic Hanner, the new CEO of the Blaser Group in the UK, as he sets out his vision for the future of brands such as Blaser, Mauser, Sauer and Minox. We are all guilty of mindlessly clearing

Tricks Of The Raytrade

Ollie Harvey goes walkabout with James Nicholson and Steve Kelly, the leading men at Raytrade UK Raytrade UK was founded and incorporated in back in April 2016, and quickly set about recruiting leading brands for wholesale into the UK.  Raytrade’s


Playground antics

From schoolyard to campus, Caroline Roddis explores how anti-shooting groups target youngsters in their formative years. Caroline Roddis is a freelance journalist with a passion for field sports. Her monthly column, ‘Shooting In The Media’, is an opinion article which explores topical

Bridge of Lies

Caroline Roddis explores the roots of poor journalistic practice that lead to farcical stories such as ‘Puffin-gate’ back in the summer There are many things that keep me awake at night. Brexit is probably top of the list, followed by equally

Backs To The WALL

Roger Williams reports on the sterling’s fall and recessionary fears ahead of the Brexit deadline London and Wall Street stocks tumble as bond yields shout recession: The UK equities market fell 1.42 per cent on 14 August and dropped again

Market Opportunities

Market Opportunities: Technical clothing

We’re exploring the lines of technical clothing once again to bring you even more suggestions designed to make a day in the field dry, warm and enjoyable! Rigby Highland Stalker Hunting Coat  Made in Great Britain, this 100 per cent

GTN Market Opportunities: Sporting Rifles

Gun Trade News explores the trends emerging with sporting rifles; here are our top picks from a range of hunting rifles Steyr Arms CLII SX  Built on over 150 years of rifle making prowess, the all new Steyr Mannlicher CLII

Market ops: technical clothing

We explore leading lines of technical clothing designed to make a day in the field dry, warm and enjoyable Courtal 3-in-1 Jacket  Authentic and modern, this jacket is perfect for all types of weather and hunting. Designed in a sturdy

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