Gun of the Week: Winchester Model 6500

This week’s Gun of the Week, the Winchester 6500, brings back happy memories for Becky McKenzie. I started shooting back in 2005, using my husband John’s Winchester 6500, a 12 gauge 30in fixed choke Sporter. This one was also left

Shoot demand outstrips supply, suggests bookers

Domestic demand for shooting may well outstrip supply by the time the season starts, even though worries over travel arrangements and the possibility of quarantine is putting overseas shooters off travelling to the UK. Growing optimism about an end to

Gun of the Week: Beretta A400 Xcel Sporting

Maybe it’s just snobbery that stops us taking up a gun that shoots as well as this week’s Gun of the Week, the Beretta A400, says Becky McKenzie Semi-auto shotguns are not everyone’s taste. They clunk, they clang, and they eject


Airgun shooting – Tony Belas talks to Mat Manning about the industry’s future

Mat Manning talks industry, electronics and future innovations with airgun aficionado Tony Belas of Daystate, Brocock and MTC Optics. Tony Belas knows a lot about airguns. Not only has he worked for leading British gunmaker Daystate for more than two

FX Airguns’ Johan Axelsson interview with Mat Manning

Mat Manning talks cutting-edge air rifle design and innovation with FX Airguns chief technical officer Johan Axelsson. FX Airguns has been blazing a hot trail at the forefront of airgun innovation over recent years. With an emphasis on clean, functional

Sir Geoffrey Clifton Brown MP – GTN Interview

The MP for the Cotswolds, Sir Geoffrey is chair of the influential all-party parliamentary group on shooting and conservation and a keen shot himself. We caught up with him to hear his opinion on the current state of shooting in


How will the gun trade fare as lockdown eases?

It’s been a long and difficult journey, and our first impulse as we recover may be to drown in beer, but Stuart Farr counsels caution as we re-enter ‘normality’. I, like many of you, had my first jab recently. A

The legal challenges faced by the gun trade during the pandemic

As the fallout from Covid enters the courtrooms of the country, Stuart Farr reports on two major cases that might impact your business, and looks ahead at more litigation to come. Those quintessential aspects of trade and commerce—shaking hands on

The future of deerstalking

Al Gabriel offers a glimpse into the dystopian future of deerstalking. The year is 2051. A deerstalker enters an open field on what used to be the edge of dense woodland in the south-west of England. He operates an unusual

Market Opportunities

Top airgun slug picks w/ Mat Manning

As slug ammo continues to take the airgunning world by storm, Mat Manning takes a look at some of the better-known brands that are leading the charge. About a year ago I flagged up the fact that slug ammunition was

best rifle scopes for less than £1,000

We take a look at 10 of the best rifle scopes on the market for less than £1,000. Hawke Frontier The Frontier range of rifle scopes offers a wide choice of models boasting supreme accuracy for all hunting applications. The

Best riflescopes: top 10 picks for every budget

Spring presents the perfect opportunity to get out with top of the range glass optics. We’ve got 10 excellent riflescopes to suit any budget. Kahles K52 The K 525i combines maximum optical performance and precision with unique handling and ergonomics.

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