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Legal advice for the firearms industry during coronavirus

Stuart Farr investigates the potential legal responsibilities that the firearms industry could face in the wake of Covid-19 disruptions. It’s not all just about shortages of pasta, rice or loo rolls. Personally, I have few of these items left but

How to get your business profile back on track post-coronavirus

With businesses across the country gearing up to resume and make up for lost coronavirus time, we asked Tweed Media’s managing director Selena Barr to give us her top ten tips for making an impact and re-establishing your business profile.

CORONAVIRUS: Association of Deer Management Groups AGM is postponed

The Association of Deer Management Groups’s annual general meeting was due to take place on 18 March, but has now been postponed due to the growing outbreak of coronavirus. As the globe tries to combat the outbreak of coronavirus, all

Coronavirus: Stuart Farr on the industry’s biggest issues

Stuart Farr takes on not one, but two of the hottest topics in shooting – Coronavirus and lead shot. I’m not a religious person by any means but the global events over the last few months do seem to hark

CORONAVIRUS: BASC asks Home Office to support firearms licensing during pandemic

Tens of thousands of firearm certificate holders could be at risk of breaking the law as the coronavirus outbreak restricts police resources, according to BASC. The UK’s largest shooting organisation is aware that police forces are starting to divert officers

BASC freezes subs prices during coronavirus

BASC has announced it is holding subscriptions at the level set in 2020 until at least March 2022 in response to the coronavirus crisis. BASC chairman Eoghan Cameron said: “BASC Council took this decision knowing that members will be seeing

CORONAVIRUS: Optimism Surges In Gun Trade

Our follow-up survey reveals optimistic gun trade raring to go once lockdown is lifted Last issue Gun Trade News published the results of its exclusive coronavirus report, showing that two-thirds of the shooting sports sector planned to close down and

Help Scottish field sports survive coronavirus

We’re following up with an opportunity to show support to Scottish field sports businesses excluded from government grants. As we reported yesterday, the Scottish Government has exempted several fieldsports businesses from applying for coronavirus support, meaning those businesses could lose

CORONAVIRUS: UK Gun Trade hunkers down for pandemic, with two-thirds of businesses closing

In an exclusive poll for Gun Trade News conducted on 25 and 26 March 2020, two-thirds of gun businesses revealed that they were temporarily closing to deal with the impact of coronavirus. Sixty per cent of respondents had already closed,

How has coronavirus affected your business?

Get in touch, complete our quick survey, and let us know how your business has been affected by coronavirus These are certainly unprecedented times; this week, the government introduced a set of measures which are as close to a nation-wide

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