A short investigation into the progress of the EU firearms directive, and the recent ECR conference about the issues it raises
With the reclassification of expanding ammunition, CTS Logistics, a specialist in dangerous and difficult goods, looks set to expand its services into the civilian gun trade. Jacob Barlow talks to their commercial manager Doug Overett
The Nammo Group has announced that it has bought Berger Bullets
The evidence submitted in advance of the grouse shooting debate was an odd sort of affair, as Colin Fallon found
A Scottish Natural Heritage report has concluded that out-of-season shooting has an important role in deer control
246 years and counting… Colin Fallon asks Ardee Sports’ David Brennan what his plans are for the next chapter of Cogswell & Harrison’s long history
Despite petition from the League against Cruel Sports, the Welsh Assembly has declined to ban snares
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Blanket bans are fought off as shooting groups make the case for local oversight
Alex Stoddart tells GTN why the Scottish Association for Country Sports has ambitions and political influence that stretch far beyond Scotland
New guidance issued as the cervidae disease closes in on the UK
A new DEFRA ruling will see a significant expansion in trial measures to control bovine tuberculosis
The relative scarcity of birds this year is already affecting the fieldsports industry, but things may not be as bad as they appear
It's been a full score of years since Range Right first started up business. Since then they've become one of the UK firearms trade's most notable wholesalers, enjoying exclusive trade deals with Sabatti, CRKT and Kral & Beartooth. Gun Trade News catches up Gill Peters, the driving force behind the company.
The Game Fair at Ragley Hall on 29-31 July is set to be a great opportunity for exhibitors to promote their shooting, hunting and sporting supplies.
The rise to ascendancy of Longthorne Gunmakers shows that quality will always win out. Colin Fallon gets a sneak peek inside their new premises in Northampton – and sees everything that the 150-mile displacement has given them.
The British Association for Shooting and Conservation has admitted it is investigating “certain internal employment […]
  A massive publishing investment in the country pursuits market has been made by Future plc […]
This weekend sees the 40th BASC Gamekeepers’ Fair taking place at Catton Park, Derbyshire. From […]
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As of 1 April changes have been implemented to the firearms licensing process that include […]
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Lincoln Jeffries, manufacturer of the famous Marksman airgun pellets since 1932, has launched a new website. A well-known […]
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This year Fiocchi is celebrating its 140th anniversary and has released special edition anniversary cartridges to […]
FLIR was showcasing its range of thermal imaging units at IWA 2016, and had the […]
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RWS ammunition is offering a new performance test pack which allows shooters to compare four different […]
German firearms company Merkel had several new products on display at IWA 2016; of particular […]
Tikka unveiled the new version of its popular T3 rifles at IWA 2016, called the T3x. […]
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The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) will submit amendments to the European Commission […]