AA_001_Cover_Rev2_MH.inddNigel Streeter, the owner of Calibre Publishing, has also been the editor of Airsoft Action since its Launch in 2011, by Blaze Publishing, and is excited to have it under his own company.

Airsoft Action’s first edition was its October 2011 edition receiving great reviews and has continued to do well since. Blaze and Airsoft Action have ended on good terms with Wes Stanton, managing director at Blaze Publishing agreeing ‘Airsoft Action is better suited to an owner-manager publishing business that can be more flexible in its approach’, while adding ‘I wish him all the best for the future’.

Nigel Streeter adds he ‘has some big ideas in the digital arena, where we are the clear leader in the market, and I will be bringing the existing team of writers and reporters with me in my new venture’, though deputy editor Mike Hine will not be following Airsoft Action, instead heading south to work for Imagine Publishing.

Airsoft Action will release its last issue with Blaze Publishing in its Christmas 2013 issue, and will commence with Calibre in January 2014.


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