EUThe British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) will submit amendments to the European Commission firearms proposals at the request of Vicky Ford MEP, rapporteur for the European parliament committee.

Proposals to revise the EU firearms directives, although planned for some time, were made more restrictive in the wake of the Paris attacks, and have been controversial with shooters and organisations. It is a concern that these revisions could have “serious unintended consequences for legitimate firearms owners”.

BASC representatives met with Vicky Ford in January and discussed the implications of the proposals. BASC raised the issue of the proposed standard medical tests, restriction of firearms use for under 18s, and a compulsory five-year limit on certification (BASC has previously campaigned for 10 year licences in order to reduce administrative burdens on police forces).

Matt Perring, BASC’s senior firearms officer, said: “There are significantly complex issues being discussed, but I am confident that we can get our views and the views of our members understood and help shape the debate. It was clear that Vicky Ford MEP is consulting widely across Europe, and is seeking to support the legitimate interests of shooters in the UK where these are based on evidence.”


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