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Firearm and shotgun licence fee increases are in the news again, but BASC has warned that the fee must be set on the basis of sound evidence.

BASC chief exec Richard Ali admitted that an increase was coming, but said police needed to merit it by reducing their costs and delivering a better service.

He said: “BASC recognises that an increase in fees is due, even if just to cover inflation. The last increase was in 2001. We have fully engaged with the comprehensive review of cost and processes and we hope that an agreement will be reached in the near future.

“BASC also believes that introducing a ten-year certificate would be a positive move which would significantly reduce administrative costs without any impact on public safety.”

And chairman Alan Jarrett added: “The purpose of the firearms certificate fees is to fund the process of administering them. The fees are not intended to be put into a general pot to cover policing costs or spending deficits.

“There is a collaborative process underway through a Home Office Working Group to examine the level of costs and fees which involves the police and shooting organisations. This process has identified the costs of administering the licence fees and the necessary processes involved. This process has been established in line with Treasury guidelines and principles of better regulation.”



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