Looking to secure that new position? Make sure that CV really is as ‘killer’ as you think.

LinkedIn recently released its list of the 10 most used buzzwords in job applicant profiles uploaded to its site – if you’re using these, your CV won’t be standing out as much as it could.

Top of the list is ‘creative’, a non-mover from 2011. It seems everyone sees themselves as creative, which means using the word is, well, not very creative. ‘Organisational’ takes second place – this is an infuriating business buzzword. Surely ‘organised’ will do?

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New entries in this year’s list include ‘responsible’ and ‘analytical’. Not that being  responsible and analytical are bad things, but using these words in a job application isn’t going to stand out. Better to direct your prospective employers to concrete evidence of successful, innovative projects you’ve worked on. Oh dear, we’ve done it – ‘innovative’ is on the list too, at number seven. Also making the top ten are effective, motivated, extensive experience, track record and problem solving.

Spotted a raft of these words on your CV, and feeling sheepish? Don’t beat yourself up – no one is immune to these pitfalls. We sneakily gained access to the editor’s CV, and found that ‘creative’ was in the first line.


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