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The 1st Select and Pigeon Select are the latest additions to Eley Hawk’s clay and game cartridge ranges, the Minworth-based company has announced.

nA competition load designed as a “strong entry-level cartridge”, the Eley 1st Select will be available in 28g, 24g and 21g, with shot sizes 7.5, 8 and 9 available across the range as well as 7s in the 24g and 28g load.

Made with 2 per cent antimony lead shot, the 67mm cartridge will have a 12mm brass head and an Eley 6-star crimp for clean firing.

Meanwhile, the Pigeon Select load was devised in conjuction with NGO vice-president and celebrity gamekeeper Geoff Garrod.

It’s what Eley Hawk describes as a “cartridge that will hit the woodies well but not hit the pocket”, and is set to be available first off as a 30g 6-shot load.

The cartridges are set to be unveiled to the trade at the Viking Arms dealer day in Skipton on 17-18 May, before a wider release in mid-June. Eley Hawk says a full marketing campaign will follow to ensure support for dealers who stock the new loads.

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