Known for its Olympic-spec .22LR ammo, Eley Limited has announced its plans to expand into .22 semi-auto roundsEley_Nov2014_23_RKP01. Having recently benefited from a management buyout, the Sutton Coldfield company is set to use the SHOT show as a platform to launch its Force and Contact lines.

Force is a high-velocity round designed for maximum power and down-range energy; it’s recognisable through its distinctive black case (which isn’t just an aesthetic touch – it increases friction between the case and projectile, further enhancing stability and accuracy).

Contact, meanwhile, is a subsonic round designed for minimal recoil – so the user will regain sight picture as quickly as possible for rapid shooting. Force and Contact are engineered with a 42-grain bullet and are coated in paraffin wax to minimise build-up in actions.

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