BowmanBowman unveiled its new Compact Rabbit Chondel Multi-Clay, a multifunctional trap that can switch between four clay sizes without fiddly adjustments between releases. You can simply add inserts to make the trap compatible with rabbits, standards, midis and minis.

“It’s like two traps in one,” said Andrew Davidson of Bowman, “because you can have the rabbit bowling along the ground, then if you put the inserts in for the midis, you can have the rabbit and a midi. You get fur and feather from one trap. It puts a bit more excitement back into shooting.”

The unit is compact and mobile, and comes with it’s own barrow, making it easy to move around clay shooting grounds and ideal for small and large clubs alike.

Retailing at £1,500 plus VAT, the Multi-Clay is supplied with two inserts, but customers can add as many inserts as they require, for £25 plus VAT per insert. The trap runs on a 12V battery, with approximately 2,000 clays released on a fully charged battery.

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