2010-03-10_(23)_Ringeltaube,_Woodpigeon,_Columba_palumbus01The Welsh general licences for 2014 have been published – but by BASC, not by the government-funded body Natural Resources Wales as expected.

The licence went ahead unchanged in Wales, but technical problems delayed its release until BASC stepped in.

Dr. Conor O’Gorman, policy development manager at BASC, said: “The general licences are renewed every year and everyone who shoots pest species must be familiar with their terms and the legal authority which they convey to control pest species of birds.

“This control is essential for food safety and security and for conservation. Pigeons, for example, are the UK’s number one agricultural pest, feeding in huge numbers on growing crops. The general licences are published annually by the relevant bodies in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

“There have been no changes to the terms of the general licences in Wales, but it is vital that people who shoot know these terms and abide by them and that the licences are published in full and on time every year. BASC has obtained the full text of the general licences from Natural Resources Wales and has published them on the BASC website while Natural Resources Wales solves its technical difficulties.”

The general licences confer legal authority to shoot birds for the purposes of pest control. Download a copy here.


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