GMK has released previews of several brand new products soon to be available at the CLA Game Fair this year. 

First up is the Beretta 690 Field III 12ga, based on the successful 692 action. The detailed game scene engraving and high grade wood stock make the new game gun from Beretta an attractive addition to their range.

Hot on its heels, Benelli has released the Raffaello Power Bore. The new shotgun features Benelli’s new recoil damping system, Progressive Comfort, which reacts to different cartridge loads with varying responses, and a cryogenically treated Power Bore barrel to deliver greater ballistic performance at long range.


Benelli Raffaello Power Bore

Next, the Sako A7 Roughtech, with cutting-edge stock design, for better grip and comfort in extreme weather conditions. With this new stock and the A7 action, Sako introduce a tool for all-weather hunting.


Sako A7 Roughtech

The Ranger Xtreme binoculars from Steiner are an upgrade to their Ranger Pro line. The new and improved optic with be at the CLA Game Fair, as well as the featured firearms, for visitors to try out and buy.


Steiner Ranger Xtreme


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