Photo: USFWS Pacific Southwest Region

Photo: USFWS Pacific Southwest Region

A ban on shooting Greenland and European white-fronted geese is being considered by the Welsh government.

The public has until 19 April to respond to the proposals, and if successful the ban will come into place as early as 1 September 2013.

Wildfowling clubs on the Dyfi estuary have safeguarded the main over-wintering population of Greenland white-fronted geese in Wales by voluntarily not shooting them, and there is no evidence that shooting has contributed to population pressure.

Habitat loss and competition at their breeding ground in Greenland is thought to be the main contributing factor, though BASC believes the white-fronted goose population is not under threat.

Currently, the European and Greenland species of goose may be shot during the open season of 1 September to 31 January inland, and this extends to 20 February on the foreshore.

Environment minister John Griffiths, who is behind the proposal, said: “The Welsh government is committed to conserving the wildlife of Wales. I encourage anyone with an interest in this matter to contribute to our consultation.”


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