gunstar01Online gun listings site Gunstar has shared details of developments to its website, being made as a result of a customer survey.

Gunstar will turn its news section into a “media hub” with gun reviews, news of product releases, and opinion pieces. It also says it is rolling out “smarter search options” for end users searching for guns to buy through the site.

Ian Partington, director of Gunstar, said: “With the recent launch of our gun register, we’ve worked hard to build a platform that is simple to use, packed full of useful features and stands apart from the outdated registers in current use.

“We have also launched our lifestyle section on the website, where customers can now advertise their 4×4 vehicles, gun dogs and clothing. We feel this will expand Gunstar’s brand and reach more customers, and ultimately this will provide our users with even more content.”

Gunstar migrated to a new software platform in 2013; a year on, it lauded this move as providing “increased functionality” and “a far better experience” for visitors.


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