Online gun classifieds site Gunstar has launched its digital gun register after more than a year of development.

Hitting the market ahead of legislation that requires firearms dealers to keep an electronic register by December 2014, the new digitised register is “created to make managing firearms inventories and transactions as fast, simple and secure as possible,” according to its creator.

Providing a fully operational inventory, the register keeps full records on an online platform that’s stored server-side for access from any secure device. Dealers can keep on top of stock and sales by logging in to a secure dashboard, where they can monitor sales figures and update information from anywhere.

Crucially, anyone can take advantage of the system – users need not be existing customers of Gunstar.

“We’ve worked hard to build a solution that is simple to use, packed full of useful features and stands out from the outdated registers in current use,” said Gunstar director Ian Partington. “The gun register is open for anyone to use, with no installation fees.”

Gunstar says that the register will be free to dealers for the first three months. Contact Gunstar on 01772 639619 or for more information.


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