Merkel RX Helix

Bertram vom Quadt with the RX Helix rifle

German firearms company Merkel had several new products on display at IWA 2016; of particular interest to the UK market is the news that the RX Helix straight pull rifle is now available threaded with a moderator.

Bertram vom Quadt of Merkel said: “Our idea was, let’s make it short and neat, and well balanced. We’ve got a silencer here which weighs 470-grams, is 20cm in length. We’ve got a barrel which is 45cm, and the silencer sleeves pretty much 12cm over the barrel, so we’ve got an extension of only 10cm – still we’ve got a silencing capacity, depending on calibre, of 20 to 29 dB.” The RX Helix with moderator will retail for around €3,512.


Merkel side by side

The new redesigned side-by-side

Merkel was also showcasing a new side-by-side shotgun with an updated design. The receiver has a rounded design for a sleeker look, and the grip has been changed to offer a better hold.

“On this gun, with this very nice stock and beautiful engraving, we are close to €20,000,” said Bertram.

“It looks much more slender, more sporting. It’s appealing to the touch.”

For more information, go to the Merkel website.


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