Mark Swift talked us through the new performance test packs

RWS ammunition is offering a new performance test pack which allows shooters to compare four different rounds.

The pack comes in one calibre, with four cartridge types and a specially colour-coded target to easily compare rounds. Cartridges included are the Evolution, HIT, Evolution Green and UNI Classic.

“We have a test pack which we can give to dealers,” said Mark Swift of RUAG. “It’s currently in the larger calibres because they’re the most popular in Europe. We’re hoping that later on this year or perhaps early next year we’ll have some in .243 and such, but at the moment the one that we’ve got is in .308 for our market.


Shooters will be able to test four types of ammunition at once

“There are not many other companies that I can think of that have actually tried this. We think it’s a great idea. We’re not only doing this for our centrefire ammunition, we’re going to roll it out for things like our pellets for air rifles.”

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