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Tikka’s launch event drew large crowds at IWA

Tikka unveiled the new version of its popular T3 rifles at IWA 2016, called the T3x. A large crowd turned out for the launch event to get a look at the new redesigned product family, incorporating no fewer than 19 variations.

The Finnish-made T3x rifles combine several new improvements, such as an improved grip, modular stock with interchangeable pistol grips, and a new recoil pad. Plus the bolt shroud, rail attachment and ejection port have all been redesigned for better quality and a more efficient, user-friendly shooting experience.

“We aim for zero price increase. We only want to add value for the same price,” said Miikka Tamminen of Tikka. “In most cases the pricing changes are really minor, or zero.”

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Miikka Tamminen with the new Tx3

Tikka calls its T3x rifles “the ultimate tool for accuracy”, and offers an extensive range of models for different shooting needs. The T3x Hunter offers a selection of calibre for sport shooting; the Forest is ideal for hunters who prefer large variable scopes with higher mounts; the Lite has a synthetic stock, making it lightweight; and the Laminated Stainless promises to be reliable in changeable weather conditions, with an eye-catching grey stock. Other models include the Camo Stainless with Realtree Xtra stock, the Compact with a shorter stock, and the Battue and Battue Lite for fast target acquisition in situations where quarry is moving at speed.

For the full list of T3x rifles and product specifications, see Tikka’s official website.



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