Jack Pyke Wild Trees

Realtree Max4

Camo clothing label Jack Pyke says it is discontinuing its Wild Trees Grassland pattern after a legal pursuit from Realtree.
According to Glenn Lewis of Jack Pyke’s manufacturing company Thatchreed, Realtree had accused Jack Pyke, and its third-party designer who created Wild Trees Grassland, of infringing its own Max 4 camo pattern.
Gun Trade News understands that Wild Trees Grassland is the only Jack Pyke pattern the company did not create in-house, and the rest of Jack Pyke’s range of patterns will be unaffected.
Glenn Lewis said: “We asked all the relevant questions of our supplier before buying any products in this pattern. We were shown the original photography of the components that constructed the pattern, and certification showing that the Wild Trees design was actually registered in the United States, giving us no doubt that the pattern was the supplier’s own to offer.
“Realtree continued to pursue Thatchreed, our supplier and also a US wholesaler for the sale of goods brandishing the Wild Trees pattern. All three parties denied any infringement and all took up legal support. We were quite happy that we could defend the case successfully. However, the cost implication of defending yourself in a court of law in America would far outweigh any profit that we could hope to make selling the clothing we actually held.
“In the end we came to an agreement with Realtree where we offered a minimal settlement fee and agreed to sell off the stock we had. This was by far the most cost-effective way of dealing with this situation.”
Jack Pyke said it would shore up its camo range with an English Wildlands pattern, due for release later this year.


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