FOLLOWING THE NEWS that JJ Vickers has gone into administration, Apex Auctions will be selling off more than 55,000 units of Vickers stock through an online auction.

Apex Auctions is an online auction company that specialises in industrial machinery auctions but has worked successfully in other areas. Hosting over 150 auctions each year, Apex Auctions conducts most of its business in the UK and Europe but also trades in the USA and Asia. The company has developed its own auction software that allows it to work across such an international spectrum. Prospective bidders must create a free account to be able to register to bid on a particular sale. Once registered for a sale, users are able to place incremental or auto bids, watch items and see invoices. Like eBay, bidding is done in real time, though the auction will lengthen by 10 minutes if any bids are placed within the final 10 minutes of the sale. In doing this, Apex Auctions creates a similar experience to that in a live auction room.

Examples of lots are available to view now on the Apex website, and the two-day auction will end on 6 June.

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