13 African_Buffalo1Ammunition brand Kynoch big game cartridges will soon be returning to Africa.

The UK-based ammunition manufacturer will see its distinct red and yellow cartridge boxes first appear with National Cartridges (Suburban Guns) in Cape Town, South Africa. Raytrade in Melbourne, Australia, will also become a Kynoch distributor, and both companies will host a wide variety of different calibres from the Kynoch arsenal.

Ranging from .275 to .700 NE, calibre Kynoch cartridges are designed to consistently floor big game animals safely and humanely. Hunting stores and outfitters around the world, including Australia, the USA and South Africa, will be stocking as many as 47 different types of calibre, all of which have CIP approvals.

The company behind the Kynoch brand, Kynamco, is seeking to further expand its distributorship in the USA.


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