EN4G0028Despite half its members having resigned, the Lead Ammunition Group is still meeting and publishing minutes – the latest of which reveal that we are hardly any closer to a final decision on lead shot.

Commenting on DEFRA’s peer review of the report, the minutes read: “Funding for the peer review process had been identified and thinking had gone into which individuals/committees might be best placed to take on the various aspects of peer review.”

They further revealed that ministers had yet to decide whether the report would be reviewed by the Hazardous Substances Advisory Committee – or indeed whether it needed peer-reviewing at all.

In any case, the group, now completely lacking a pro-shooting voice, appeared to stick by its report: “LAG was confident that the approach and conclusions were robust.”

The LAG report, though not publicly released, is expected to condemn lead as a toxic substance and call for its phase-out. Pro-shooting representatives including Sir Barney White-Spunner, John Batley and Ian Coghill resigned in disgust at the LAG’s one-sided proceedings, and submitted their own report to DEFRA to counteract the ‘official’ story.


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