A new Act has come into force that classifies more people as “prohibited persons” with regard to firearms.

The Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act has made it an offence for anyone given a suspended sentence of three months or more to possess a gun for five years after the sentence is handed out.

Lawmakers stressed that this ruling includes antique firearms. The Act also retrospectively applies to suspended sentences given since 2009.

BASC stressed that anyone who kept their certificate during the prohibition would still be able to buy and sell shotguns and firearms, and apply for variations to a firearm certificate.

However, renewals of licences may not be processed during the five-year prohibition. BASC told shooters that they could appeal to the Crown Court to lift the prohibition.

The Act also tightens regulations on the sale or transfer of Section 5 firearms. The maximum sentence for illegal importing or exporting of a prohibited firearm is now life imprisonment (previously 10 years); and a new offence has been created of ‘possession for sale or transfer’ of prohibited firearms and ammunition, carrying a maximum life sentence.


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