DSCF003501The Lightstream brand of riflescopes is for sale, its owner has announced.

With seven years of product development and market-building behind it, the Lightstream brand has gathered a faithful following based mostly around its 4.5-14×44 scope with first focal plane reticle, which retails for £439.

Made in Japan, the scope offers a rugged and practical design and high-quality glass – not to mention good margins for supplier and dealer. There’s good growth potential in the brand too.

A spokesperson told Gun Trade News that the brand had good-quality glass behind it and benefited from a lot of consumer goodwill. What it needs now, they said, is a new owner who can drive the brand forward and realise its potential for growth. Contact Ivan Mather on 07760 280302, 01273 326338 or s.mather2@sky.com for more information.


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