Gunstar InfinityGunstar has launched a new website designing service, Gunstar Infinity, which will help retailers optimise websites for mobile compatibility.

As of April 21st 2015 Google changed how they rank websites when viewed on a mobile device. This means that if a customer searches online for guns in your area on a desktop computer you may pop up as a top listing, but if you do not have a mobile responsive website and the same customer searches from their mobile phone, you could possibly drop down the rankings and may not be seen. This is because Google now knows that your website is not best suited to a mobile device. Potential customers who can’t find you will go elsewhere.

Even if your business only receives a small amount of traffic from mobile devices, having a mobile friendly website is a long term investment. Companies with their eye on the SEO side of the business will know how important Google rankings can be and your customers have to be able to find you organically, regardless of what device they are searching from.

Additionally, if somebody searching on a mobile device finds your website and cannot use it with ease, they will be inclined to leave the website. First impressions count, especially in the competitive world of the internet.

See for yourself; enter your website URL on a mobile device and have a browse. Notice the screen size; do you have to scroll to view the whole page, is navigation simple and are the text and images clear and visible?

In response to the mobile optimisation needs of gun retailer websites, Gunstar has developed Gunstar Infinity, a service that will design a brand new website following your design and theme. You will keep your URL and the built website will be fully responsive on all devices and be mobile friendly. Gunstar will provide a functioning, automatic updating SEO dashboard so you are up to date on stats and figures, and can create targets off the back of the data. There is also a service for stocklisters to upload all their stock in one go to numerous websites, taking away the often laborious task of uploading the same adverts numerous times.

For more information, see Gunstar’s website.


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