MPs will get a free vote for the repeal of the ban on fox hunting, says Downing Street.

David Cameron put rumours to rest regarding the proposed amendment to the Hunting Act 2004, asking to legalise the use of more than two dogs in hunting.

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The Federation of Welsh Farmers’ Parks has intimated “a clear need for change.” The prime minister “regretted” that ministers had not been able to agree on allowing upland farmers this amendment.  Despite the announcement, Cameron reiterated that MPs would still be given a free vote to overturn the ban, in accordance with the 2010 coalition agreement. Opposing parties, such as the League Against Cruel Sports, are delighted the current amendment will not be agreed on, saying “we have flushed out this back-door attack on the Hunting Act,” but demanding “the prime minister [must] either admit the Hunting Act is here to stay or hold the promised vote on repeal of the act.”


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