GuntraderThe Tackle & Guns Trade Show 2015 saw the launch of a brand new EPOS (electronic point of sale) system for gun retailers – the result of collaboration between Guntrader and top EPOS provider Intelligent Retail.

The new system combines Guntrader’s popular gun register with an established EPOS system from Intelligent Retail, giving retailers an easier way to manage their business with stock control while complying with legal obligations for firearms sales.

Over 270 retailers already use Guntrader’s RFD gun register, which tracks stock, automatically links to Guntrader and produces all the paperwork a RFD needs to comply with UK gun laws.

Intelligent Retail’s award-winning system helps retailers manage their business with EPOS. It also supports trading websites and links with Ebay and Amazon, with central stock management.

John Rothery Wholesale has also linked its database to the Intelligent Retail system, making it easier for customers to order and reorder items.

David Mackley, MD of Intelligent Retail, said, “While independent retailers in so many other sectors are taking up EPOS systems, firearms retailers have had little choice because of the necessity for the specialist gun register. Launching this new system at the show, we have been really pleased to see the reaction of retailers seeing it for the first time.”

Alexander Andover, MD of Guntrader, said: “This partnership has come about as a result of a long search on our part. We had previously looked at numerous EPOS providers but found most had poor software and many were simply not business- like. With Intelligent Retail we have finally found a provider with the right ethos, an excellent product and exceptional customer service. These are precisely the qualities that we have built into our own business and I am looking forward to long and fruitful relationship.”

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