William Evans - 07-04-2008 - 631Insurance group JRW has launched Gunplan, a specialist shooting insurance programme offering public liability cover up to £10m.

Features of the cover include automatic cover for multiple types of shooting, no single article limit on shooting equipment, gun cover in and out of the home, and a quick-quote system with the ability to buy online.

Gunplan’s managing director John Woosey said: “It’s not unusual for a standard barrel on a £1,200 over and under gun to cost nearly as much as the gun itself to replace and fit so unless for sentimental reasons you want to keep it, you’ll need to fork out the cost of a brand new gun. Either way, repair or replace, it’s costly. And if it happens outside the home, often your household insurance won’t pay out – so it makes sense to take out specialist gun insurance.”

For more information, call 08000 927273 or visit www.gunplan.co.uk.


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