Gunstar appGun dealer website Gunstar has launched its new Infinity app, allowing firearms dealers to manage their online business efficiently on the move.

The app lets you do everything you can on the website, from taking photos of your guns, to entering full details and ad copy, uploading to go live on Gunstar and responding instantly to enquiries. All of your information is held in one place and it automatically backs up to the Cloud whenever there is a Wi-Fi or mobile connection. Even if you damage or lose your device, you can download the data easily to your replacement device, or access it via any computer.

“By talking to our customers about the way they work, and some of the areas that frustrate or restrict their growth, we could see that this was an area that needed addressing,” said Ian Partington, director of Gunstar. “I heard stories about the lost time spent managing multiple sites and platforms and the frustration when things go wrong. The Gunstar Infinity mobile app stores everything in one place; it lets you claim your working day back and spend more time making money from gun sales.”

Shotgun dealer James Capper said: “We found that about 30 per cent of our time was spent uploading and managing ads while we were in the office, when we could have been out meeting new customers looking to buy a gun. With the Gunstar Infinity app the ease of managing our online advertising makes us more efficient and professional.”

The app is free to download for GunStar customers and is available for iPhone on the iStore and Android on Google Play. For more information, visit the website or phone Gunstar on 01772 639617.



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