Pulsar Quantum HD50S01 There’s a tonne of new kit from Thomas Jacks this autumn. The Guide IR510 Thermal Imager offers a detection range of up to 400m (man-sized object) and is capable of detecting heat sources during the day or night. The device is ideal for wildlife spotting, security, surveillance and vermin control. With an SRP of £2,249, the series features 384×288 and 160×120 models.

The Quantum HD50S thermal imager includes a large front lens, which allows for detection up to 1250m (man-sized object) via a 640×480 display. There are three viewing modes and it has a frost proof display. The device’s SRP is £3,399.

The Edge L series of night vision binoculars features a detection range of up to 200m. R-contact optics and image intensifier tubes provide edge-to-edge resolution. The binoculars weigh less than 1kg and have magnification options of either 2.7x or 3.5x – SRP is £589.

SpyPoint SMART02The Yukon Sentinel now boasts a laser illuminator that allows increased detection ranges. The device has an image intensifier and adjustable reticle modes. SRP is £649.

The new SpyPoint SMART camera has improved performance in both photo and video modes, a 10 megapixel camera, 36 invisible LEDs and video recording from 10 to 90 seconds (640×490). It has automatic infrared level adjustment and takes colour pictures/videos by day and black and white by night. SRP is £199.

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