As the deadline to comply with the EU Firearms Directive draws near, Northern Irish gun dealers have been handed a reprieve.

Police forces will take on the burden of tracking licensing information electronically, rather than individual retailers (as is still the plan in Great Britain).

This follows a meeting between BASC and PSNI representatives in October.

BASC NI’s director Tommy Mayne said: “While we are delighted to see that the DoJ has listened to our concerns and that it has taken a very pragmatic approach to this issue, we will need to see the finer detail of its proposals, specifically in relation to component parts.

“The Police Service of Northern Ireland’s firearms licensing database known as ‘shogun’ already keeps 80 per cent of the information required by the directive therefore it makes complete sense that the electronic register, which will also include the additional 20 per cent, is managed by the police.”


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