uksi_20131945_en_00101Firearm and shotgun applications will now be made using the same form, the government’s Office of Public Sector Information has announced.

The Firearms (Amendment) Rules 2013 specify a new application form titled ‘Application for the grant or renewal of a firearm and/or shotgun certificate’. This follows a period of consultation on application and renewal forms during which shooting organisations counselled their members on their preferred format of application form.

On the latest development, Countryside Alliance chief executive Barney White-Spunner said: “The Firearms (Amendment) Rules 2013, replacing the existing application forms for firearm and shotgun certificates with a single new form, and introducing a new form for variation of a firearm certificate, are extremely welcome.

“The Government and police are to be commended for the work they have done, in collaboration with the shooting community, in making these changes. The Alliance looks forward to continuing to work with them in modernising and updating firearms licensing practice and guidance to both improve efficiency and reduce unnecessary costs in the current process, while continuing to ensure there is no compromise of public safety.”

The rules will come into force on 1 December.


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