03 not crucial!01There will be no further consultation on the Royal Mail’s carriage of guns in the near future, but the service has introduced a size limit that could affect mail-order businesses in the trade.

In 2012 the Royal Mail consulted on banning the transport of guns and their components in its service, but a barrage of responses and a petition saw it reverse its plans. It also said it would allow airgun and airsoft pellets in the post.

At the time it said it might instigate another consultation this year; but it has now said it has no plans to do so until at least September.

It has, however, imposed a 61cm size limit on its service, meaning airguns and other items that exceed 61cm in length may now have to be carried by the Parcelforce Worldwide service. This will result in an increased cost to any businesses who want to send such items by post.



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