As the battle for high-street sales intensifies, retailers are increasingly turning to an ‘in-store experience’ to keep customers shopping, relying on services rather than just product and pricing, new evidence suggests.

“In a world where it is increasingly important for retailers to be multi-channel, it has actually never been more critical for retailers to invest in their in-store offering,” said Digital Marketing magazine. “While a great importance is often put on the online offering, research shows 90 per cent of purchases happen in a physical store.”

A recent survey also reported that 53 per cent of people said they would like to see Amazon open shops on the high street – up from 31 per cent two years ago.

“Overall, it is critical for brands and retailers to not underestimate the power of the in-store engagement,” Digital Marketing concluded.


The Omega Supercharger offers an opportunity to interact with customers

In the shooting sector, manufacturers and distributors are coming up with new ways to help retailers keep customers on-premises for longer, offering services such as dive bottle filling for PCP airgunners.

Ross Marshall of Gilbert Distribution, which has been supplying the Omega Supercharger for a year, said: “Our electric compressor gives a high-quality fill but as a result it is a bit slower than the usual industrial ‘hot and fast’ petrol compressor. Our trade customers have told us that this extra filling time gives their customers a good opportunity to browse around a larger store. If it’s just a small shop, the advice is usually ‘Pop back in an hour or so when it’ll be ready,’ ensuring there’s a repeat visit.

“If a bottle filling service is only costing the customer a tenner or less, then they just might be tempted to buy something else on a whim, and, of course, every sale counts. Also, the beauty of the Supercharger is that it’s entirely automatic, so the trader can leave the compressor to complete the fill, while not missing potential sales with other customers in the shop.”


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