Sportsman Gun Centre brands and partners were well represented at this year’s IWA.

Steyr Mannlicher's CLII SX

Steyr Mannlicher’s CLII SX


Highlights include Steyr Mannlicher’s CLII SX and SM12 SX, which incorporate high grip polymer inlays, an aluminium bedded structure and Mannlicher’s Safe Bolt system. New to Mannlicher’s tactical range is the SSG Carbon model, with a lightweight carbon fibre stock. As for Nightforce, the Competition 2014 scope comes as an update of the 15-55x 52 models with specially developed reticles and ZeroStop mechanism, and the MOAR-T reticle in the NXS range adds an extra level of precision at extreme ranges. Nightforce’s B.E.A.S.T riflescope features a zero brake control, precision adjustment lever and over 90 percent light transmission.


Strasser RS-05

The latest addition on the rifle side, the Strasser RS-05, combines a straight pull action with a modular concept to create a versatile firearm.

Finally, Weatherby has added the WBY-X series to its popular Vanguard range of rifles. This series boasts a variety of new stock designs for an element of individuality.

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