Fairfax is having a warehouse clearance.

Rifle and carbine rifle slip cases are available to order in box quantities of 16 (minimum order 32 pieces). Their 100 per cent poly canvas with padded foam lining makes the cases highly durable and strong.

401_Fairfax carbine-rifle-slip-case001


The stock retainer and butt end protector keep the rifle neatly in place and protect it. The large outer pocket is handy for accessories. Other features include an adjustable shoulder strap and carry handles for easy transport, as well as a full-length zip for quick access to the rifle. Both the rifle and carbine rifle cases come in black or green. The rifle case is 125 x 25cm and the carbine rifle case 112 x 25cm.

RRP: Rifle slip case £6.50 each + VAT

Rifle carbine slip case £5.50 each + VAT


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