Here at Gun Trade News, we decided our website needed modernising, and bringing in to line with the tastes of 2015’s social-media savvy, Web 2.0-enabled, Buzzfeed-tastic viewer. We’re happy to announce a new series of ‘easily digestible content bite’ articles, all given a shooting-industry theme while remaining, y’know, really cool and zeitgeisty. We’re calling it Push-Feed. Please find the first instalment in the series below.

10 cats that remind us of sporting guns


Young, appealing, aesthetically pleasing – but will it really prove its worth, or just spend a lot of time hiding in cupboards? Yes, it’s surely a new laminate-stocked CZ rimfire in .17 HMR.
Photo: zaimoku woodpile


Don’t you just love this cat? It’s adorable. But it might just be a bit too silly for its own good. When we look at this cat, we can’t help but see an H&K-style airsoft gun, bedecked with every available accessory by a kit-obsessed 14-year-old.
Photo: Laurinha Lii


Dark, imposing, might put off a few ‘cat purists’ who like a nice tabby, but ultimately is only set to grow in popularity. It’s clearly a tactical bullpup air rifle! Am I right, guys? Guys?
Photo: Liz West


This wild cat is clearly an African double rifle, chambered in a ‘wildcat’ calibre! Ha ha! Ha! I can’t do this any more.
Photo: Tambako the Jaguar


Happy 1 April from everyone at Gun Trade News!



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