Sporting Rifle’s editor and publisher – Pete Carr and Wes Stanton – will be completing the Yomp on 13 September to raise money for The Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund.RMCTF_Logo

The Yomp, a 30-mile trek across the Scottish Highlands with 40lb backpack in tow, is the final test for would-be Commandos, a military exercise in stamina and mental determination. The Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund undertakes a wide range of activities to support serving and retired Royal Marines and their families.

Wes said: “I’m looking forward to a life-changing experience. I’m reasonably fit – but the plan is to improve my fitness to such a level as to give a good account of myself and to finish among the shorter times. Finishing in the shorter times means running the downhills and flats. Or I’ll just aim to finish. It’s further than a marathon for goodness’ sake.”

And Pete said: “This yomp is for a very good cause – the cause of allowing me to beat Wes at another pursuit. He’s been taking it very seriously – and doing his best to derail my training by piling as much work on me as possible – but I’m confident my long strides will see me across the finish line in good time.”

Show support for Wes: click here and for Pete: click her


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