Irish outdoor goods specialists Regael are one of Europe’s fastest growing wholesalers and are set to announce their continued growth by taking their first warehouse space in England, on the same industrial estate as its oldest and largest UK retail customer.

The expanding company will join their retailer, Pellpax, in Norfolk and are settling in to their UK hub. Susan Chapman, Regael’s International Sales Manager, says: “The challenge for us, I suppose, is getting used to the demand from the UK! This has surprised us, and occasionally we have had popular items out of stock. However, we’re adapting quickly, and the new warehouse will give us far more capacity, enabling us to fulfill our fairly unique style of wholesaling.”

The additional premises, paired with the company’s traditional home in Dublin, aims to help retailers by not insisting on minimum order quantity meaning that its wide range of products for outdoor pursuits is accessible and convenient to all retailers.

Susan explains: “We can drop ship, under plain label, to the retailer’s customers, if they prefer. This means that retailers don’t necessarily have to stock the larger items.

“If they sell an item via the internet, or from a catalogue in store, they can take payment – and then arrange for us to deliver to their customer direct.”

Darren Kirk, Pellpax’s Managing Director is also enthusiastic about the move, stating: “We were, I think, Regael’s first UK customer. We liked the idea that the brands they were offering were, in many cases, well known in other parts of the world, but new to the UK, which gave us something different to offer our customers.”

“Having Regael’s UK warehouse literally a few doors away from us will certainly help build the relationship,” adds Darren. “And I’m hoping that it will have quite a large impact on shipping costs!”

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