A consultation on tightening airgun laws in England and Wales, first reported on in the December 2017 edition of Gun Trade News, is now open for public responses.

Intended to be a wide-ranging review into whether the law is fit for purpose, the consultation specifically asks for evidence from Scotland and Northern Ireland, where airguns are already licensed. It also asks “whether further measures are needed on manufacturing standards to prevent accidental discharge of air weapons or to prevent modification of air weapons post-sale in order to increase their power”.

BASC said it would respond “robustly” and tell the government no further legal restrictions are needed. Chairman Peter Glenser said: “In law, airguns are classified as firearms and are subject to all the criminal provisions of the Firearms Act.

“This is already a powerful penal statute and there is no need for further law. The solution has already been identified by government as education and enforcement.”

You can respond to the consultation by email to firearmsconsultations@homeoffice.gsi.gov.uk before 6 February.


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