Centerfires, rimfires, pellets: you name it and we have it, in this metallic ammunition round-up

Power Pellets

Power Pellets have achieved outstanding results in competition and field and are pre-treated with Napier’s acclaimed Power Pellet Lube. The benefits of using Power Pellet Lube have been proven for almost two decades, and following feedback from shooters and the industry, Napier have incorporated the chemical into each tin of pellets at final packing stage.

This ensures that exactly the correct dose has been applied and that the pellets cannot oxidise in storage they will perform perfectly in every type of airgun straight from the tin: Available in: .177 Hunter, .177 Target, .22 Hunter, .22 Target, .22 UPH.

Napier 01235 812993

Marksman Pellets

A British brand, Marksman Target Pellets are ideal for rotary magazine air pistols. Weighing in at 7.8 grains, the pellet makes an ideal entry-level option for first-time shooters. The range of Marksman pellets also includes domed pellets in .177, .22 and .25 cal and pointed equivalents in .177 and .22.

The pellets vary from lightweight 8.02-grain .177 round heads to 19-grain .25 round heads, making the range versatile and effective additions to the budget end of the market. All pellets are packaged and distributed in attractive and colourful classic boxes or tins and can start from at little as £3 a tin.

Lincoln Jeffries 01213 593343

Diana Pellets

The classic sport pellets from the Diana range are designed for pest control and target shooting, and available in .22 and .177 calibres. The High Power airgun pellet is designed to be heavier and more accurate, making it ideal for powerful rifles.

In .22 cal it weighs 21.14 grains and in .177 at 10.65 grains. The German pellet-makers have also specialised a mid-range pellet – the Exact Diabolo (pictured above). These lead shots are ideal for long-range accuracy.

Edgar Brothers 01625 613177

Anglo Arms Air Gun Pellets

Available in domed and pointed, Anglo Arms pellets are designed for a stable flight over long distances with high levels of accuracy. Supplied in waterproof tins of 500 pellets, distributor Sporting Wholesale offers two sizes to choose from, so the pellet can be used in all types of .22 or .177 calibre pistol or rifle.

Anglo Arms 0345 124 2929

Qiang Yuan Sports Pointed

On the back of shooter demand for accurate ‘pointers’ for vermin control and hunting, The Shooting Party now supply the QYS Pointed in two head-sizes, 4.49mm and 4.50mm.

With a weight of 8.48 grains for pinpoint accurate shooting levels, these surprisingly affordable pellets have achieved incredible accuracy – hitting sub 10mm centre-to-centre groups out to 25m. According to The Shooting Party, these could be the “most accurate .177 pointed pellets in the world.” Available in 500 pellet-count plastic tubs.

The Shooting Party 01543 480361

H&N Excite Spike Pellets

H&N Excite Pellets aim to offer beginners and hobby shooters superior airgun pellets at an unrivalled price. The Hammer pellets are fashioned in the familiar diabolo style with a dome-shaped head.

They are suitable for use in CO2 pistols and rifles, as well as other airguns to distances of up to 30 yards. Available in .177 7.87 grain tins of 500 and .22 14.66 grain tins of 250.

John Rothery 023 9224 5350

Winchester .22LR Subsonic

These subsonic cartridges with truncated nose, hollow point bullets are available in 42-grain weight, ideal for pest control or small varmint shooting. They give effective energy transfer when shooting small game and are designed to function well with moderated rifles.

Browning 01235 514550

.22 RWS Subsonic

The RWS Subsonic HP is specially designed for use on small game and vermin in areas where noise is an issue. The bullet velocity is kept below the sound barrier, but RWS say its performance still meets their exacting standards even when used with sound moderators.

RUAG Ammotec 01579 362319

Remington .22LR Subsonic

According to Remington, if a squirrel falls in the forest and there’s very little noise, then the chances are it just met up with their .22 Subsonic. Engineered for performance with a suppressor, these 38 grain, hollow-points are great for shooting small quarry without breaking the sound barrier.

Raytrade UK 01635 253344

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