Animology produces a wide range of dog care items, some particularly effective for Gun Dogs.

Firstly there is the best selling Fox Poo Shampoo that is very effective against stubborn fox poo and its foul odour from all dog’s coats. The Flea and Tick Shampoo is also great for dogs who are susceptible to ticks, it soothes any irritated skin too. For after the shoot when your pooch is probably at his/her muddiest there is the Dirty Dawg no-rinse Shampoo that can be rubbed into the coat.

The extremely useful Clean Sheets are high performance, extra large, super tough, dual sided pet cleaning wipes that contain the advanced Animology no-rinse shampoo formula with a textured side to scrub at dirt and a smooth side for gentler wiping.

John Rothery

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