Airgun Shooter Magazine chose their favourite air rifles of 2020, a list of surefire sellers that anyone should be pushing at the front of their offering

Air Arms Ultimate Sporter R Air

This air rifle is a solid performer and simply oozes quality, and the inclusion of a regulator in the Ultimate Sporter R brings another degree of refinement to an already brilliant airgun.

The engineering and finish of the metalwork are flawless, and although the stock is ambidextrous, there’s plenty of potential to tweak it to achieve the perfect fit thanks to the adjustable cheekpiece and butt pad. 

RRP £1,149 (walnut and laminate stock)
£1,099 (black soft-touch stock)
Air Arms
01323 845853

Cometa Lynx SPR

Cometa has extensive experience in the manufacture of spring-powered air rifles, and the Spanish gunmaker has put this experience to good use with the Lynx SPR, a regulated multi-shot PCP that’s been equipped with a cold hammer-forged barrel.

One thing we really rate is gun fit, and the ambidextrous stock, which has an oiled finish, comes equipped with a height-adjustable cheekpiece so you can better attain perfect alignment with your scope.

RRP £575
01728 688555

Ataman BP17 Micro Bullpup

Russian firm Ataman has taken the bullpup concept one step further in creating the BP17, which must be one of the shortest regulated PCPs ever made.

This pup has a length of 605mm, while the Lothar Walther barrel measures 370mm, delivering a higher shot count while reducing the gun’s length and weight. Shooters will be rewarded with a high-quality and highly accurate miniature marvel.

RRP ££1,049 for .177 and £1,099 for .22 Sureshot 

Daystate Delta Wolf

The Delta Wolf is probably the most advanced airgun on the planet, equipped with a touch screen and electronic internals to give the shooter a huge degree of adaptability and control.

While this rifle marks the pinnacle of almost two decades of research and development into electronic airguns by Daystate, it has a lot of other clever features, such as quick barrel and calibre change, a sidelever action and a new, higher-capacity magazine system.

RRP £2,400
01785 859122

Brocock Sniper XR

With its solid build quality, good looks and precise performance, the Brocock Sniper XR is a truly great airgun that’s equipped with a slick sidelever system and an enhanced firing cycle.

These may only sound like small changes, but they make a big difference as they really improve the function of the rifle. If you want a compact airgun that’s not only accurate, but is a real joy to shoot, put this on your shortlist.

RRP £1,295
Brocock 01785 859122

Feinwerkbau 800X

Feinwerkbau is renowned for its target shooting rifles and pistols, enjoying many international successes, and one of the German manufacturer’s most advanced guns is the 800 X match rifle.

As well as a highly adjustable stock that can be fine-tuned to ensure perfect gun fit, the Feinwerkbau 800 X promises a super-short lock time and a high-precision trigger. A black and silver version is also available.

RRP £2,600
01483 756969


BSA’s latest R-10 has a thumbhole stock with an adjustable cheekpiece, and it also offers a higher shot count of 280 in .177 and 340 in .22 calibre – all from a 232 bar fill.

The R-10 TH includes the same features that make the sporter-stocked SE so great, including a multi-adjustable butt pad and two magazines. It goes without saying that the TH is every bit as accurate as the SE, while offering enhanced gun fit.

RRP £999.99
0121 7728543

FX Impact MKII Compact

FX Airguns has a reputation for getting the bullpup design dead right, and the engineering and finish of this neat little airgun are absolutely flawless.

As you would expect from a bullpup that bears the “Compact” moniker, this gun’s standout feature is its diminutive size. It measures up at a very stubby 640mm from end to end and weighs just over 2.7kg. Just like the standard MKII, the rifle looks very minimalistic and handles brilliantly. 

RRP £1,723
01392 354854

Gamo GX-40

Gamo’s GX-40 is a capable air rifle that happens to be inexpensive, and the no-frills nature of this affordable pre-charged pneumatic doesn’t mean it’s at all lacking when it comes to performance.

Choose the right pellet and you’ll be rewarded with a level of mid-range accuracy that far exceeds the asking price of this budget rifle, making it a brilliant all-rounder in the field, at the range and for plinking in the back garden.

RRP £349.99-379.99

Stoeger XM1

Airgun shooters may be familiar with US gunmaker Stoeger’s RX20 gas-ram, and the company has now released the XM1, Stoeger’s first pre-charged pneumatic.

The XM1 is available in .177 and .22 calibres, and it’s wallet-friendly too as it comes supplied with a 3-9×40 scope, mounts and a sound moderator. The RX20 is a rifle that was developed and styled by Italian engineers, and that unique look has carried over to the XM1.

RRP £295
01489 579 999

Hatsan Nova Tact Compact QE

Hatsan’s Nova Tact Compact QE is certainly tactical, and while it describes itself as being compact it still manages to pack in an enormous 500cc air cylinder along with a 585mm Quiet Energy barrel, which incorporates a silencer that is very effective.

Hatsan is known for making some fine barrels, and the one on the Nova Tact Compact QE helps deliver levels of accuracy that belie the rifle’s budget pricing, making it one strong performer.

RRP £590
Edgar Brothers 
01625 613177

Walther Rotex RM8 Varmint UC

The Walther Rotex RM8 Varmint Ultra Compact is shorter than the original, measuring 91cm with the supplied silencer fitted and a stubby 79cm with it off. 

It’s robust without feeling cumbersome, and is a solid performer in terms of accuracy. The level of engineering and quality of design make a mockery of the price as this gun will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with many more expensive rifles.

RRP £469.99
John Rothery
023 9224 5350


For many airgun shooters, Kral’s NP-02 rifle can provide an affordable gateway to PCP ownership. Looking like an over-sized pistol, the sidelever cycles pellets from the 12- or 14-shot magazine without fuss.

Using the huge 530cc air bottle as a shoulder stock, the NP-02 is compact and distinctive to look at, capable of embarrassing more expensive rifles in accuracy at the full 12 ft-lb legal power limit.

RRP £349
Range Right

Webley Raider Classic

Webley’s Raider Classic is a multi-shot PCP that proves air rifles with traditional sporter stocks are very much alive and kicking.

But while it has an old school walnut stock, it has a modern twist too, featuring a hybrid scope rail that will accept Picatinny mounts as well as conventional dovetail.

Purists and newcomers will find something to like in the Raider Classic – it handles nicely and is accurate enough for the field.

RRP £449.99
Highland Outdoors
0345 099 025

Lee Enfield Sentry

With styling that bridges the gap between sporter and tactical, the Sentry is an affordable and solidly constructed multi-shot, making it a good choice for shooters who want to get into recoilless airgunning but don’t want to break the bank.

The bolt-action, magazine-fed cocking and loading system is reliable, and the trigger delivers predictable shot release. The Sentry comes with two magazines and a single-shot tray.

RRP £399.95
The Shooting Party
01543 480 361

Weihrauch HW110 Grey Laminate

The HW110 was already an excellent airgun, but the addition of an elegant laminate stock has turned it into something really special. The blend of black and grey will turn heads on the range, but won’t be too conspicuous in the field.

This new handle has converted the HW110 into an airgun that will inspire real pride of ownership, offering all the reliability, build quality and precision of the standard HW110 in a very pretty package.

RRP £875
Hull Cartridge
01482 342756

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