As the nights draw in, more and more shooters will be tempted with their first foray into night vision or thermal imaging, or they may just stick with a torch. But with the night market expanding so fast, where do you start? Try right here… 

Sightmark Wraith HD Day Night Vision

The latest iteration of this revolutionary digital day/night scope comes with an HD sensor, and provides clear, full-colour images in daytime that stay incredibly bright as light falls. When it’s night, automatically switch to NV mode and keep on shooting. Mark Ripley reviewed the scope in Sporting Rifle, and promised the new 4K is “sure to be popular with night shooters wanting the clearest image in a realistically priced unit.”

RRP from £599.99

Yukon Sightline N450 S HD

Features a brand new 1024×768 hd amoled display matched to a high definition 1280×720 sensor to deliver crisp imagery at up to 400 metres, providing a high standard of performance and functionality with 4x to 16x digital zoom for long-range precision shooting at night, with full daytime capability.

The Sightline N450 S has six selectable electronic reticles with a choice of three colours for customisation, as well as having a high calibre 6000j shock-resistance and a long eye relief. Power is provided by 4xAA batteries and a spare cradle is provided to allow for a quick and easy battery change.

N450 S RRP £749.95
Thomas Jacks 
01789 264100

ATN X Sight 4K Night Vision

The ATN X Sight is a state-of-the-art digital day and night scope. The eye relief is now closer to what you’d get on a daytime optic at a manageable 90mm. Plus, the battery life has been extended to 18+ hours. Gyroscope and accelerometer, rangefinder, ballistic calculator and video out all make this a super-advanced day-night scope for under a grand.

3-14x RRP £968.99
5-20x RRP £1069.99
Auxiliary Ballistic Laser 1000
RRP £360.99

Highland Outdoors 
0845 099 0252

Bushnell EQUINOX

No daylight? No problem. See the unseen with Bushnell’s range of night vision monoculars. The Bushnell Equinox Z2 NV monocular enables you to see target up to 1,000 foot away day or night with a powerful built-in infrared illuminator. Stream live video to your mobile device and control zoom, video recording, image capture and IR brightness directly from your device Available in three different configurations: 6×50, 4.5×40 and 3×30. 

RRP from £308.00 
Edgar Brothers 
01625 613177

Pulsar Digisight Ultra N450

Promising target detection in excess of 500 metres, this is one of the longest-seeing NV riflescopes we’ve seen. Its range is down to—the manufacturers tell us—“proprietary software”, “cutting-edge electrical components” and ‘signal-processing algorithms”. 

Aiming is enhanced by the Picture-In-Picture mode that displays a magnified image of the target and reticle. Magnification is from 4.5x to 18x achieved via optical magnification and 4x digital zoom.

RRP £1,199.95 
Thomas Jacks 
01789 264100

NiteSite Wolf

In the middle of NiteSite’s range of three standard units (the Viper and Eagle being the other two), the Wolf can turn any day scope into a digital night vision unit. It employs three infrared illuminators to allow target identification up to 300 metres away. The infrared image is then captured through the riflescope by a compact video recording unit attached to the scope’s eyepiece and then played back live to the hunter via the unit’s integral 3.5in LCD screen. It’s an affordable and reliable option that doesn’t tie up one of your rifles as a ‘night rig’.

RRP £599.99
01759 377235

TLR-1 Gamespotter Gun Light

The TLR-1 Gamespotter Gun Light features IR and can be mounted directly to all Picatinny and glock-style rails. The long-range, lithium battery powered, tactical light features the latest in shock-proof power C4 LED technology, and provides almost two hours of continuous regulated run time. The TLR-1 Game Spotter features a shock-proof green power LED producing a beam up to 350 metres. Models are available with either standard door switch or remote door switch. 

TLR-1 Game Spotter STD RRP £172
TLR-1 Game Spotter RMT RRP £245  
Viking Arms 
01423 781810

A67ic Predator Pursuit 

The crystal-clear gun light kit is a high-power mountable light designed for controlling vermin. Featuring a centre axis rotational 3-in-1 colour LED system to deliver a bright red, white or green beam, which will provide identification of your quarry in excess of any targetable distance. Each kit comes with adjustable mount, intensity control tail cap and remote switch, scope fitting kit, batteries and charger.

SRP £249.99
Scott Country 
01556 503587


The perfect combination of warm light LED and optimised reflector offers H8 excellent throwing performance. It allows you to trace objects as far as 1,000 metres. With 1800 lumen output, the CREE XHP35 HI LED has a lifespan up to 100,000 hours. Powered by two 18560 Li-Ion batteries, the H8 promises a runtime of up to 468 hours. A tail cap switch controls on and off and instant strobe settings. A side switch controls four output levels, strobe and SOS function. The H8 also features dual operation modes (Outdoor and Tactical) and strong interchangeable RGB colour filters. 

RRP £149.00
Optical Solutions (InfiRay) 
01790 751040

Night Master Eclipse IR

Upgrade the power of your NV with these infrared illuminators, which feature upgraded LEDs and a USB charging port. The Eclipse torches include a quiet tail-switch, which doesn’t just operate the light—there’s also a subtle indicator light under the rubber switch cover that can be activated to indicate when the infrared beam is on. The indicator light also pulsates dimly to indicate when battery power has dropped to 10 per cent. The switch also includes a hidden SOS flashing mode for emergency signalling. Several different models are available.

800-IR RRP £139.96
1000-IR RRP £179.95

Streamlight Polytac 90x USB

Streamlight has launched a personal light that delivers 500 lumens and uses a Streamlight SL B-26 protected USB rechargeable Li-Ion battery pack. 

The PolyTac® 90X USB is a complete rechargeable system that includes a Streamlight SL-B26™ rechargeable battery with integrated micro-USB port. The light can also accept two 3-Volt CR123A disposable lithium batteries. 

Available in black, yellow or orange, the PolyTac® 90X USB and PolyTac® 90X have MSRPs of £85 and £71 respectively. 

01423 780810

Wicked Lights A51IR

This is truly an all-in-one torch, able to put out an IR beam at two different wavelengths to boost the power of your NV unit, or switch to a visible red light. The two different IR modes mean you can hunt using the semi-covert (but longer range) 850nm IR, or the covert 940nm option. There’s no POI shift when you switch between modes. A quick detach gun light mount lets you attach your Wicked Light A51iR to your night vision or directly to your rifle, and zero perfectly to deliver a precise light beam, directly where you need it.

RRP £249.99
Scott Country 
01556 503587

Pulsar Trail 2 LRF XQ50 & XP50

The Pulsar Trail 2 LRF XQ50 & XP50 Thermal Imaging Riflescope are here. Boasting a powerful 384×284 17µm <40mK NETD thermal sensor, Pulsar’s proprietary ‘Image Boost’ Technology and a HD AMOLED Display, the Trail 2 LRF Series can detect subtle differences in temperature and provide a highly detailed, sharp image even in difficult weather. 

Users can now record even more footage through their units, due to the increased internal memory size which is now 100 per cent larger (16GB).

SRP £3,589.95 to £4,879.95 Inc. VAT
Thomas Jacks 
01789 264100

Thermion XQ Series

The Pulsar Thermion XQ Series of Thermal Imaging Riflescopes have arrived, consisting of two models: the XQ38 & XQ50.

These two models boast a 384×288 17um thermal sensor, which alongside Pulsar’s ‘Image Boost Technology’ and HD AMOLED display, provide a highly detailed thermal image with excellent clarity. These have a detection range of up to 1,800 metres, and are perfect for long-distance shooting. The Thermion XQ Series fits within a day scope format.

SRP £2,649.95 to £2,949.95 Inc. VAT
Thomas Jacks 
01789 264100

SiOnyx Aurora Pro  

Capable of day-time, low-light and night-time recording in colour or monochrome through SiOnyx’s own patented Enhanced Ultra Low-Light Sensor Technology.

Experience your surroundings by setting waypoints and creating teams using Team Mode in AR. Whether you’re doing military simulation or setting up an airsoft team, you can see where your team members are located and how far away they are.

The Aurora Pro is designed for fast setting changes, featuring an intuitive switch and dial set-up. The scene ring allows for a custom viewing experience, and the settings dial allows for fast operating mode changes. The lens focus and diopter can be adjusted.

SRP £999.95
Thomas Jacks 
01789 264100

InfiRay SAIM SCT35

They may not have the instantly recognisable brand of some of their more expensive competitors, but InfiRay have certainly been impressing the reviewers, with airgun expert Mat Manning describing this model in Airgun Shooter as “very impressive”. This fully functional, yet compact thermal scope boasts crystal clear imaging, with close-to-zero pixelation, up to 11.4x magnification and a detection range in excess of 1,800 metres.

RRP £2,595
Optical Solutions 
07484 186094

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