Gear up for the start of the roe season, with all of the essential kit you’ll need to bag a buck.

Blaser Carbon Shooting Stick 2.0

The Carbon Shooting Stick features a patented pistol grip that allows you to keep your rifle safely on target. The holding U-shaped rifle rest positioned on top of the pistol grip is now reliably secured with a new safety slide—unless the forearm of the rifle is fixed directly with the holding pin on the shooting stick.

The revised elastomer screws for the adjustment of the length allow for a stronger tightening and therefore an even greater stability in every hunting situation. A hard rubber pin (previously aluminium) secures the position of each foot and reduces noise to an absolute minimum.

RRP £280
01483 917412

Blaser R8 Ultimate Knife

After a successful hunt the new Blaser Ultimate Knife offers two possible uses: in addition to the knife blade, it has a gutting blade. Both are made of stainless Sandvik steel (12C27) and can rotate, so that each blade can be reliably connected to the Proflex handle.

Both the handle and the sheath are orange-coloured, so that they are easily located when, for example, hunting or gutting in difficult terrain. Like the R8 Ultimate, the Ultimate knife is designed for tough use.

RRP £103
01483 917412

Gateway1 1900 Prym1 Woodlands Boot

The new design of the Prym1 Woodlands print wellies has been developed as a concealment solution for the active hunter in wooded terrain. The pattern is produced using a hybrid camouflage in varying shapes, rather than sticks and leaves, to help achieve a natural concealment within the flora and fauna.

The design also offers hunters the flexibility of subtle movement across their terrain—allowing the Gun to cut the distance on their quarry, providing a closer, more successful shot. Available from mid-April.

RRP £142
BMC Wholesale
01509 233333

EL Range TA

The EL Range TA delivers razor- sharp images with precise distance and angle measurement, with a range of 10 to 2,000 metres (10.9 to 2,187 yards). The intelligent binoculars can be individually configured using a smartphone app and customised with the hunter’s own ballistics data.

The Tracking Assistant is a revolutionary new feature that helps hunters to locate the target area, particularly in difficult terrain. The program works via the EL Range Configurator app on the EL Range TA or on a smartphone.

RRP from £2,810
Swarovski Optik
01737 856812

GPO Rangeguide Laser Rangefinder Binoculars

GPO provides Laser Rangefinders that have been designed and tested to meet the observational needs of users from around the world. Available in both 8×50 and 10×50, these binoculars represent the height of design, function and performance, providing excellent light-transmission, edge- to-edge sharpness, close focus and brilliant colour reproduction. To round out the top- class features, GPO has included a Laser Rangefinder Engine with a range capability of 2800 metres.

RRP £1,399
01635 253344

Anti-Insect Trousers

Deerhunter’s new insect-repellent trousers for both men and women will help you keep the bugs at bay. The anti-insect repellent treatment offers increased protection while the elasticated waist, pre-shaped knees, reinforced seat and adjustable ankle with strap and Velcro offer added comfort and extra freedom of movement.

Two front pockets, thigh pockets with pleats and concealed zippers offer versatility and a rear back pocket with added concealed zipper provides security for any valuable items you have with you.

RRP £99.99
+45 7422 3520

Hornady American Whitetail

Loaded with Hornady’s InterLock bullets in weights that have been deer-hunting favourites for decades, the American Whitetail ammunition range features exposed lead tips for controlled expansion and hard-hitting terminal performance.

The range also includes the pioneering secant ogive design and exclusive InterLock ring—the raised ring inside the jacket embedded in the bullet’s core keeps the core and jacket locked together during expansion to retain mass and energy.

RRP from £29 per box of 20
Edgar Brothers
01625 613177

Ridgeline Ascent Soft Shell Jacket in DIRT Camo

The Ridgeline Ascent Jacket features a quiet, water-resistant, soft-shell fabric with a 5,000 H20 membrane. The hood is large and roomy with three points of adjustment. Zipped pockets allow you to store items safety, whilst the arm pocket has elasticated bullet loops for five cartridges.

The soft- shell is grid back and this regulates the temperature inside the garment keeping you comfortable. The Ascent has been developed as a windproof outer garment that is fitted to assist movement in the field, allowing you to get into position with stealth and access essential items easily.

SRP £99.99
Highland Outdoors
0345 099 0252

Ridgeline Kahu Bino Case

Quick and easy access to your binos is essential when on the hills, and keeping them protected against slips and falls when crossing uneven terrain is equally important.

The Kahu Bino case delivers this protection and more, with a zipped cover to keep debris out, two side pouches, grad handles and an engineered harness to ensure comfort and stability while moving over uneven ground.

SRP £69.99
Highland Outdoors

0345 099 0252

Minox X-Range 10×42

With its exceptional range—up to 2,800m—and accurate measurements, even in bad weather conditions, the new X-Range 10×42 offers you certainty in all situations. The multi-coated D lenses ensure brilliant image quality and guarantee high colour neutrality.

The advanced adjustable OLED display can be set easily to your desired measurement setting as light conditions vary. Weighing 990g, the X-Range is one of the most compact laser rangefinder binoculars on the market. A rubber-coated magnesium housing and IPX7 waterproofness adds extra ruggedness for even the most demanding stalk.

RRP £1,477
01483 917412

J P Sauer & Sohn Folding Game Carrier

This foldable game carrier in J P Sauer & Sohn design is tear-resistant and, with welded seams, 100% waterproof. In addition to being easy to store, it is fashioned from 900 D Oxford nylon so is simple to clean and extremely resilient.

The Game Carrier measures 70x50x40cm and has a capacity of 140 litres—the equivalent of up to three roe deer, four muntjac or one fallow deer—making it suitable for all domestic game. It has straps on both sides, quick locks and sturdy handles.

RRP £82
01483 917412

Ariat Burford Insulated Boot

Ariat’s Burford combines a traditional welly with added style and design. Created with waterproof, vulcanised rubber to ensure your feet stay dry, the wellies feature a shock-absorbing EVA midsole for added all-day foot comfort.

Utilising Ariat’s ATS Pro technology for heightened performance, the Burford has a moisture-wicking layer to deliver comfort and durability with Agion technology for intense odour defence and a 3.5mm neoprene lining.

RRP £150 Ariat
01367 242818

Beretta Hunter Tech Rifle Case

This striking new rifle case range combines ergonomic design with functionality and comfort. The styling of the bag, with a smart ‘break-up’ pattern, is reminiscent of shotgun stock chequering.

The long rifle case is suitable for most rifles and this design allows the user to store the rifle without removing the optic first. It is available in a choice of 121cm or 133cm lengths.

RRP from £114.95

01489 579999

Frontier APO

The all-new range of Frontier APO models features Hawke’s innovative H7 optics, offering stunning high-definition viewing, extreme clarity and flat- field vision.

Thanks to the extra-low dispersion glass there’s excellent chromatic aberration control for a valuable wide-angle image and the elimination of colour fringing. Nitrogen purged, waterproof and fog proof, these binos (in 8×42 or 10×42) are backed by the Hawke No-Fault Lifetime Warranty.

8×42 RRP £599
10×42 RRP £619

0345 345 5555

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