The shooting season is back on – and Fairfax are bringing you a back-saving innovation to make the experience even easier. The Cartridge Collector is a handy addition to complete the set for any shooter; allowing them to enjoy their sport whilst making their clean-up quick and simple.

The Cartridge Collector is a great point-of-sale extra, and an accessories that no shooter should be without, whether it’s an essential piece of kit or a nifty gift idea. These magnets-on-sticks can collect up to 50 spent cartridges at once, cutting out the back-breaking effort out of a tidy-up.

Available in packs of five, the Cartridge Collector is just one of the Fairfax products that are a perfect addition for improving a shooting experience. To find out more get in touch:

SPR: £29.95
01622 662121

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